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This page is a collection links.  These are ebooks, whitepapers, and other resources I have found useful.  This is a growing/changing list, really a collection of links for me… if you find them useful, check back there may be new things to read.

Amazon Redshift

Getting Started with Amazon Redshift (Book)
Client JDBC Drivers
Client ODBC Drivers (32 Bit) (64 Bit)
Cloudberry Explorer (S3 File management utility)
EMS Software (SQL Manger Lite)


Mongo DB

Mongo Query Translator
SQL to Mongo Comparison (Mongo Docs)
SQL to Aggregation Framework Mapping Chart (Mongo Docs)


SQL Server 2008

Using the Resource Governor (Very good)
Partitioning (Very good)
Disk Partition Allignment
Indexed Views
Data Warehouse Scalability Features
Intro to CDC –Brad McGehee (Blog|Twitter)


How to become an Exceptional DBA by Brad McGehee
SQL Server Execution Plans by Grant Fritchey
Mastering SQL Server Profiler by Brad McGehee
Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008 by Brad McGehee



Sql Server 2008 Data Mining plugin
SQL Server 2012 Data Mining plugin



Code Pretty for posts
Xpath query basics
Free Online Webservices
PowerPivot Geek (Blog)

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