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Amazon – Give it a try

A little more than a week ago Amazon made some announcements, near and dear to my heart, warehousing.  Only this time, as you would expect from Amazon, it is moving to the cloud… with the announcement of their “Redshift” product.  I have been intrigued by some of the advantages that cloud computing provides, however, from […]

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You need a Zetta what?

Data, data, everywhere!  I have been doing some reading on data scale, and quite honestly it reminds me a lot of the kinds of feelings I had while taking an astronomy class in college… the scale is simply too large to get your head around. Before we get too far into this, try to imagine […]

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Change is in the air

Fall has come (and almost gone) … turkeys have been eaten, and we are heading head-long into the holiday season, so part of this post is a early “resolution” of sorts.  For a variety of reasons (that I am going to skip the exact specifics on for now but will become clear over the coming […]

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