Data Warehouse – AutoShrink how-to


Space management is always a challenge in any system, however, in systems that are designed to grow-grow and grow, it seems to be a particularly big challenge as to how best manage space.  This post will give you an overview how to set the auto-shrink correctly to allow for even distribution of data within the existing data files.

How To

One of the best part of this set-it and forget-it feature, is how simple it is to set.  All you need to do is set the option to “true”… and you are good to go.  Assuming you have setup all your data files to have some reasonable minimum sizes, you will automatically manage space.

This feature was at one point on the list of features to be depreciated by Microsoft, however, has recently been added back to the list of supported items and will be enhanced in significant ways for use with compression, great things to come!


If you have gotten this far, and have not realized the date of this post, you really are gullible.  Enjoy April fools day… !

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