Richmond CodeCamp Disk IO Presentation

This is a very similar post to the one from the user-group presentation post… and in fact the presentation itself is very similar.  It has been updated, and a few things added since the last presentation, so I did want to post the updated version which was presented at codecamp.   I hope that the presentation left you with a few things to go think about, and gave you some tools to work with.

If you came out to see this presentation, please provide me some feedback through speaker-rate.  The feedback helps me build better presentations… and hopefully provide better, more informative sessions to you in the future.

I enjoyed the whole codecamp experience, and I hope that you got as much out of the day as I did!!  A truly impressive group of presenters with a great breadth of topics, I was glad to be a small part of the great day.

As I mentioned, everything I referenced in the presentation can be found my series on disk performance:

Help — My disk performance      (RAID how/why what to put where)
Help — My disk performance II  (Physical connections to the SAN)
Help — My disk performance III  (Partitioning and compression)
Help — My disk performance IV (filegroups and files)  
Help — My disk performance V   (Monitoring)  
Help — My disk performance VI (Additional monitoring and conclusions)

Also, as promised, the presentation is available for reference on my Presentations page

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