Change is in the air

Fall has come (and almost gone) … turkeys have been eaten, and we are heading head-long into the holiday season, so part of this post is a early “resolution” of sorts.  For a variety of reasons (that I am going to skip the exact specifics on for now but will become clear over the coming weeks) change is in the air.  All good things, all exciting, and hopefully will be proving me an opportunity to explore warehousing, data analytics and BI in a whole new way.  Before anyone gets too excited…. I am still with the same company, still working with the same great group of people…

As I look forward to some new challenges, new learning oportunites with both uncertanty about the “how”, but also the excitement of building something new and exciting, it is not too early to plan.  One of the commitments to myself (and anyone that cares to come along for the ride), will be to blog more… share my journey through what will be an interesting minefield, and hopefully provide some interesting, educational, (maybe thought provoking) information.  Traditionally my blog as be mostly technical, I expect (knowing who I am) this will remain to be mostly true, however, as part of this blog more often commitment, there may very well be some non-technical stuff along the way… we will see how it goes.  So for now… that is all…

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