And the book is…

“Getting Started with Amazon Redshift”

As I have been hinting about in a few posts, I have been busy working on a book.  Now that there is something to see, I wanted to share some details about the project.  It all came about a few months ago with an invitation from the publisher to put to words my experience with the new Amazon Redshift product.  I honestly was not sure I was up for the task, as I had never written anything under a deadline, much less anything about a single topic at such length…. After a little consideration I figured it was time to get out of my “comfort zone” and do some writing.  The opportunity presented itself, and so with some quick learning on some of the nitty-gritty details of Redshift I was off to the races to get the first draft written in under 30 days.  I wrote at night… I wrote at my son’s baseball games… I wrote at my daughters concert… basically if I was not at work, driving the car, or sleeping… I wrote… and in the end (looking back with rose-colored glasses) was not all that bad.  The plus side of a short deadline is there was very little room for procrastination, and the intense schedule was a reasonably short duration.  As I said several times during those weeks, “I can do anything for a few weeks”….

I am truly happy to be able to show off my first published work… I hope it brings value to those that are just starting out with Redshift.  I have been very impressed by the technology… as have been many others…  this Blog is one of my favorites for detail and process explanation.

So with no further fanfare… I say… go check out my book!

Getting Started with Amazon Redshift -cover

Packt Publishing

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