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You need a Zetta what?

Data, data, everywhere!  I have been doing some reading on data scale, and quite honestly it reminds me a lot of the kinds of feelings I had while taking an astronomy class in college… the scale is simply too large to get your head around. Before we get too far into this, try to imagine […]

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Change is in the air

Fall has come (and almost gone) … turkeys have been eaten, and we are heading head-long into the holiday season, so part of this post is a early “resolution” of sorts.  For a variety of reasons (that I am going to skip the exact specifics on for now but will become clear over the coming […]

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Denali Dependency Services

Introduction I have been on the “What’s New In CTP1 for Denali” speaking “tour” (if you count 2 as a tour) for the past week. What I can say from my interactions, and the feedback from the presentation, there is some real excitement for the new release (although dauntingly far away for some people). In […]

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PASS – Part 2

Introduction  I have to say that this has not turned into the “series” that I projected so optimistically as I departed for the PASS summit. It may still be a series, who knows, but for now, as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight back home I figure I would get a few thoughts […]

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PASS – part1

Introduction   Normally, my blog is technical in nature, and (hopefully) generally helpful. This series will likely be nothing like that…. maybe helpful for something, but most likely not. As I sit and write this introduction, I am aboard a United flight looking out the window at the Appalachian mountains en-route to Chicago and then […]

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Want To Upgrade?

Introduction I have seen several posts lately asking about ROI/Justifications etc about upgrades. There are LOTS of posts on this topic, and some really great documentation from Microsoft that covers this topic at great length. This post does not really add anything to those, other than distilling some of the key points from the Microsoft […]

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T-SQL Tuesday #009 – Beach Time

I almost missed this #Tsq2sday post, as I was on vacation last week, and am just catching up and digging out from my post-vacation pile. So this month’s topic “T-SQL Tuesday #009: Beach Time” is actually very timely! Honestly though, working in a small shop I need to bend the “turn off technology” rule just […]

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Warehouse Design Tip / Partitioning

Introduction This topic seems so simple, and so obvious to me, and do not mean to insult anyone’s intelligence.  However, it is shocking to me the number of people that I have talked to (running large databases) that are not taking advantage  of one of the best performance, and manageability enhancements out there!  Think about […]

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Presenting Data Warehouse Disk Configuration for PASS BI

I am honored to present Data Warehouse Disk Configuration to the PASS BI Virtual Chapter Thursday June 10th at Noon EDT via LiveMeeting! Details here. Speaker Rate Me! This is a FULL hour, normally a 75 minute presentation, so be prepared for a lot of information at a quick pace!  I hope you can join me for […]

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My Favorite New(ish) 2008 Feature (Resource Governor)

I have written in the past about setting up the resource governor, which I am counting as my favorite new(ish) feature, so I am taking this TSQL2sday post opportunity do my promised followup for monitoring of the resource governor. Introduction To start with, my advice about the resource governor is to start small.  Have some idea […]

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